Interactive technology solutions for maximum HCP and internal audience engagement.

Influence & understanding

Our CEO Leslie Robertson enjoyed a 26-year career at life sciences company AstraZeneca, and this experience has helped him build a team that inherently understands the objectives, issues and challenges faced by companies communicating with global HCP and internal audiences in the life sciences industries.

Our areas of expertise

Technology partners you can trust

Trusted technology partners since 2015, we have been delivering high impact, compliance managed, interactive solutions for some of the world’s premier global pharmaceutical and medical education companies.

Why do HCP’s attend an event?

We’ve been delivering events for some of the world’s most prestigious global HCP audiences, and believe we have a firm grasp on what they’re looking for when they attend an event.

What does event audience engagement look like?

Agenda Design

  • An extended, personalised delegate experience from registration to post-event feedback and analysis
  • User-friendly, dynamic technology that gives your audience a voice; voting, polling Q&A, word clouds, subjective insights etc.
  • Varied, relevant content, appointing the right Chair and respected, informed speakers.

Content Management & Communication

  • Managed communication flow to maintain energy and interaction
  • On-going two-way conversation with the audience – sharing data, insights and opinion
  • Efficiently capturing feedback and sharing robust analytics


  • Offering global language support including v/o translation and subtitling in most languages
  • Improving accessibility for regional time zones; with pre-event Q&A, voting/polling, edited highlights videos and downloads of presentations and documents
  • Temperature checks to clarify how your audience are doing on their journey

Maximising a return on engagement from HCP audiences across the globe

Understand that Life Sciences organisations are committed to maximising their return on engagement, and our portfolio of products and services has been designed to allow us to deliver targets events and communications solutions for HCP’s audiences across the globe.

Case Studies

Live Surgery Workshops

Virtual Sponsored Symposia

Global Pharmaceutical Virtual Briefings

Creating 2 Music Videos

Virtual Advisory Board with Pre-Event Survey

Comparing and Consolidating Pre-Event Data
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