Audience Engagement Technology Products

Creating and curating engagement for hybrid, virtual and live events


We are engagement experts and offer several customisable event audience engagement technology core products that have a range of flexible features that can be adapted and applied to any number of projects. For example: Creating and curating engagement for virtual and hybrid events, on-boarding WFH employees, training sales channels on new products, or creating virtual environments for brand launches. 

Our products can be used individually or connected with other products and services – our own or often our clients’ preferred software and systems – to create comprehensive, dynamic engagement solutions.

Global audience engagement platform for virtual, hybrid & live events

OpenMeet is our audience engagement technology platform for hybrid, live and virtual events. Connecting audiences from 10 to 30000, across the globe in over 22 languages, with our incredible language management features and a comprehensive range of interactive and analytics tools – OpenMeet delivery and elevated audience engagement experience.

Next Level

OpenMeet is our industry leading audience engagement technology, currently used by leading healthcare organisations and blue-chip companies across the globe. It is robust, secure and infinitely adaptable and connects well with many other platforms and software in the market.

Agenda design &
communication flow

We support the development of your agenda design, content management and communications flow. Our collaborative approach ensures we fully understand your objectives, resources, culture and values and reflect this in the event solution we propose.

Engagement tools & analytics

We turn passive delegates into active participants by giving your audience a voice. We tailor their journey with our innovative audience engagement tools whilst facilitating the exchange of valuable information. Our bespoke dashboard provides real-time and post-event analytics for superior measurement.

OpenTube is our interactive video platform that presents and shares video content.

OpenTube is our interactive video platform that presents and shares video content. It is a global solution and offers a fully customisable interface and a range of measurement tools. It can present exciting and engaging interactive programmes using new or re-purposed video content. It’s infinitely adaptable and accessible to all types of digital audience, with global reach, language and sub-title solutions in over 40 languages.

Fully customisable
& infinitely flexible

OpenTube is fully customisable and infinitely flexible. It can be branded in your corporate identity, with generic messaging and information. It can used pre-event to welcome global delegates with a CEO speech, provide product knowledge modules to channel resellers, onboard new employee homeworkers, or for regular marketing and sales updates with your chosen audience. It’s uses are endless.

& measurable

Our Project Managers will help you to define and storyboard exciting and engaging interactive programmes using new or re-purposed video content. We can reframe, edit or combine content under new branding, over-dub or re-title, and our analytics systems will let you know the levels of engagement for each piece of content we share.


Opentube acts as a resource manager and its capacity can be expanded to match your space requirements. We offer language management both as titles and with voice-over recording, and the system can be linked via email with well managed security processes, giving multiple users simultaneous access.

Truly exciting technology that delivers 3D, interactive virtual environments

In an age where the rules of where and how we work have changed forever, this truly exciting innovation technology can deliver 3D, interactive virtual environments such as a company office, brand showrooms, boardroom environments and retail product outlets. OA virtual will add another dimension to how you present your organisation to the world and how you want your audience to engage with your business – be that internal or external.


We design, develop and structure an online virtual business world that reflects your brand identity and the vision and values of your working environment. It allows you to present and share information about various aspects of your business letting your audience enter, connect, engage and immerse themselves in your organisation without leaving their home or office.


An OA Virtual environment can be used in many ways but is particularly relevant for home workers to give them an immersive experience of the company that employs them. We can create spaces to share personal contracts and benefits packages, HR policies, marketing assets, IT processes and financial procedures, and of course video updates and directives from senior company officers.


OA Virtual is a flexible, customisable platform that will present your organisation as an exciting, interactive virtual hub. It has global reach and lets you share content in a consistent format and appropriate language. It can be linked to various popular apps and e-marketing software with discreet password protection and held on a secure server.

Hybrid Video on Demand is particularly suitable for large global organisations

We’ve learned a lot about delivering hybrid events in the past 3 years and now audiences’ expectations have also changed. We’ve embraced the virtues of virtual, so that even when we deliver live events, a virtual solution is often required. HYVOD – Hybrid Video on Demand, is a different approach to hybrid and is particularly suitable for large global, regionalised businesses, operating across different times zones, speaking a range of languages, where there is a need for local customisation of key messages and content.

What is

Hybrid Video On Demand, is where we pre-record rehearsal content and edit the highlights and key messages into a core content programme; this can be done beforehand or at a live or virtual event rehearsal or even post-event. Content can be edited to ensure it meets compliance guidelines and then regional branding and sub-titles by language added.


Our expert teams of project managers and technicians then support the distribution of the core highlights programme as it is played out to global regional hubs; either during or post the main event, or at an appropriate time for their time zone. Either Open Audience or the regional hubs can then customise the core content with a relevant regional focus and branding.


HYVOD delivers a relevant, delegate friendly
event experience that is time appropriate. It works well for large global audiences, operating in different times zones with a need to localise directives or share regional information. Open Audience is able to regionalise every edit and manage distribution safely and effectively.

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