Create interactive video content for maximum engagement

Present and share video content, offering a fully customisable and measurable immersive experience for your digital audiences across the globe.

OpenTube, the all-in-one global learning and communication tool

Interactive content creates an immersive environment that promotes greater learning and customer satisfaction. We’ll help you transform your content into a memorable experience.

High-touch activity to bring your brand’s vision to life.

Gain direct insights of audience interests, preferences, and behaviours.

Interactive content fuels customer experiences.

Educate the audience, create brand awareness, and generate leads.

Eye-catching and immersive way to educate about your expertise, products and services.

Interactive content for immersive, sensory-driven approach to storytelling.

Why choose OpenTube Immersive Technology

Supporting different learning styles

Because we are all wired differently, we understand that individual users of any age have their own learning styles – some may prefer a long-form read like a blog, others may prefer to navigate at speed through content and consume in short bites. But we know one thing for sure – one size does not fit all and that time is an extremely precious commodity.

Fully customisable, highly versatile & infinitely flexible

OpenTube is fully customisable and infinitely flexible. It can be branded in your corporate identity, with generic messaging and information. It can used pre-event to welcome global delegates with a CEO speech, provide product knowledge modules to channel resellers, onboard new employee homeworkers, or for regular marketing and sales updates with your chosen audience. It’s uses are endless.

The Benefits of Interactive Video Content

Grow ROI

Adding interaction points to gain audience insights. Repurpose existing content to maximise ROI.


Bring brand vision and values to life. Fully customise interactive content. Create immersive brand experience.

WOW Factor

Versatile features with a wide variety of applications that bring your content to life – your imagination is the only limit.


Designed by tech experts specialising in audience engagement to deliver a fully customised experience

Popular Features

Inform, engage and excite your audiences with OpenTube interactive video content in 40+ languages.


Create personalised journeys for users that reflects your brand values.


Add CTA’s that generate data in multiple ways: forms, polls/surveys, videos and audio feedback.


Localise your content by instantly adding 40+ languages to your interactive video.

End-to-End Support

Our Account Managers will help you to define and scope exciting and engaging interactive programmes using new or re-purposing your existing content. Feel free to pick our expert’s minds to explore how far you can take your creation.


Your dedicated Account Manager will be by your side throughout the production of your OpenTube creation. They will capture your goals and success metrics.


Getting it right first time matters to us, so we always work with you to understand your expectations and provide mock-ups of your creation before starting production.


Our technical team will bring your masterpiece to life and deliver to you by the agreed deadline. You can be sure that we won’t let you down.


Your Account Manager will provide measurements based on your success metrics. The amount of reporting varies depending on your chosen package.

Choose Your OpenTube Package

Whether you’re looking to create one video, or a complete collection of interactive videos, we have a selection of packages to support your requirements.

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