Live Surgery Workshops

Virtual Sponsored Symposia


We were approached at short notice to run 3 recorded live surgery workshops as virtual sponsored symposia, after a physical conference was cancelled. They were to be run as 90-minute webinars, with speakers on camera and audience members as viewers only. Engagement was managed through the Open Audience Engage platform.


  • To transform content originally intended for a physical conference into a virtual symposia series that was interactive and engaging
  • To advise the client on what content to run, how to run it, and what interactivity to use
  • To fully record each workshop in a high-quality video format, to be included in the client’s Learning Academy resource centre post-event
  • To create value for the 3 corporate sponsors by branding the videos on their behalf
  • To work with each symposium’s different structure and pre-record some of the live surgery presentations
  • To brief the Chair and 4 faculty members for each workshop (who were different every time) and manage delivery of the AV and engagement tools






  • We worked with the client to create the event agenda and overall structure, including where and how to use interactivity
  • We ran all email marketing (including 20k emails sent in advance) and created all marketing collateral
  • We pre-recorded different meeting content for all 3 symposia, for post-event use in the client’s Learning Academy
  • We handled the registrations, which ranged from between 300 and 700 people per workshop. In total about 80% of people who registered attended their workshop
  • Attendees joined from around the world, with 6 continents represented
  • Each workshop was run using Zoom webinars in collaboration with the client’s live surgical platform, and the Open Audience Engage platform for interactivity
  • The faculty across the 3 sessions consisted of 12 of the top 20 globally-recognised experts in the field
  • As well as delivering the live events, our team was constantly monitoring for issues (technical or otherwise), creating live polls in response to discussions and editing videos together immediately post-event


  • We provided a full-service delivery for these 3 symposia: the event structure, pre-recording, email marketing and registrations, and the live delivery and video production
  • The client praised the final outcome for its smoothness and high production quality, comparing it to a TV production
  • They were grateful that we had been able to accommodate them despite the short lead time of 8 days
  • The client thanked us for going above and beyond in providing technical assistance and general support to the faculty
  • Thanks to the success of these workshops the client is already seeking to work with us on other projects, including the development of an annual programme
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