Virtual Advisory Board with Pre-Event Survey

Comparing and Consolidating Pre-Event Data


Our client needed to hold an advisory board virtually due to the restrictions of COVID-19. In addition to the advisory board itself, they required assistance gathering detailed data insights from the participants through a complex pre-event survey. A selection of those results would then be compared with polls run in real-time during the meeting, in order to come to a consensus.


  • To create and run an in-depth pre-event survey in order to gather detailed insights from advisory board participants
  • To accommodate 15 people in the virtual advisory board, including the keynote speaker, participants and members of the client team – all based around the world in different time zones (North America, Europe and Asia)
  • To ensure participants maintained high levels of concentration and engagement over the 2 half-day virtual meetings comprising the event






  • The pre-event survey we set up was complex due to its length and the amount of question logic it contained. The client had never gathered similar pre-event data before (even for physical advisory boards) and we provided ideas and guidance on best practice
  • 1 week before the event we emailed the survey link to each participant. We monitored responses and kept the client updated with regular reports
  • Simultaneously, we helped to plan the meeting content of the virtual advisory board and which interactivity and technology solutions would be used
  • We ran a full pre-event technical rehearsal for the client, and hosted a whole-day ‘drop in’ meeting to brief participants and prevent technical issues on the day
  • The meeting was delivered through Zoom and Open Audience Engage, with the latter hosting the agenda, participant biographies, live polling, Q&A and feedback surveys
  • Our team provided the client with monitoring and support throughout, promoted discussions and encouraged feedback, and added late biographies and new polls and surveys in real-time


  • 15 participants, based in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • 100% of delegates said that the event was a good use of their time
  • 100% of delegates engaged with the client and each other through Zoom and our Open Audience Engage platform
  • Our feedback survey results were highly positive, and experience polls generated an excellent NPS score of 78
  • The client was pleased that participants found the advisory board fun and useful as well as interesting and well-balanced, with a good blend of activities and interactivity with discussion
  • The meeting was recorded (with delegates’ permission) and we also generated detailed post-event reports to assist the client with the gathering the information they needed for their research. They were delighted with the quantity and quality of the data that they received
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