Elevate your meetings with our next level audience engagement technology

OpenMeet, is our gold standard, a fully supported audience engagement technology platform developed for a wide range in person, hybrid and virtual events. OpenMeet supports dynamic, interactions across global audiences with its comprehensive range of interactive tools, supported in up to 40 languages.  It improves audience engagement by giving your audience a voice, allowing you to leverage real value from the investment you make in your meetings schedules.

Browser based, highly customisable, user-friendly. OpenMeet is a fully managed solution, able to handle simple and complex requirements, and create dynamic interactions between you and your audience.

OpenMeet from OpenAudience, the audience engagement experts, is our powerful, interactive, technology platform that has been developed to support a wide range of global meetings & events. It is particularly suitable for the  pharmaceutical and regulated industries, like financial services supporting the compliance procedures and analytics that are required for effective event delivery

Feel confident working with a reliable, fully supported platform and an experienced, trusted team

No Apps needed. Bring your own device, log-in with discreet passwords, full access and participation.

Collaborate with the OA team as you shape your agenda and manage communications flow throughout your event.

Customise your event, with branded interfaces and a wide range of communications media – pre, during and post event.

Deliver a seamless end- to- end delegate experience as OpenMeet integrates easily with other platforms

Build engagement with our range of dynamic, interactive formats.

Deliver your events in up to 40 languages, with real-time language support.

Our experienced and trusted team will create a customised in-person, hybrid or virtual event experience for you with our range of content modules and interactive features. From simple to complex, national or global events.

Provide support to the chair, panels, delegates or break-out groups to share information or assets with the wider audience

Create Q&As sessions that give your audience direct access to the  host/chair or panels – allowing your audience to participate directly in your meeting.

Edit highlights video of your event content and share with time-poor attendees and your wider audience.

Create a post-events assets hub to share relevant content with your audience and beyond

Link OpenMeet to your registration platform of choice and deliver a fully connected and branded end-to end delegate comms campaign

Utilise real-time feedback throughout your event to help you adapt content and messaging

Survey your audience pre-event, to understand their challenges, questions and latest content trends.

Encourage fun and break the ice with visual games, including sharing selfies, or themed images

Customise an exciting, relevant agenda, and design focused engaging sessions that encourage dynamic interactions  

Get instant audience feedback with ‘pulse or ‘Wordcloud’ reactions

Use OpenMeet tools and OA audience engagement techniques to encourage collaboration, brainstorming and information exchange

Manage multiple breakout sessions, with discreet interactive elements and assets

Sense-check progress and understanding, obtain feedback through interactive chats, polls and surveys 

A fully supported platform, and an experienced team. You’re in safe hands with Open Audience.

When you use OpenMeet, you’ll enjoy the support of our experienced Project Managers and Technical Team.  They’ll help to design your event from development to delivery.  They’ll also advise you on techniques and skills to improve audience engagement.  From simple to complex solutions, we deliver in-person, hybrid and virtual events, and bring specialist knowledge of a wide range of pharmaceutical events. We deliver hundreds of events every year for some of the worlds leading global organisations, so you can be confident you’re in safe hands with us.


  • Customised, Full-Service Solutions
  • 40+ language support
  • Event & Agenda Design
  • Pre-event communications, surveys, video, e-marketing, social media
  • End to End Branded Delegate Journey
  • Online & Offline
  • API, Secure & Encrypted
  • In-Person, Hybrid & Live
  • Bring your own device – no apps


  • Conferences, Leadership Meetings, Product Launches
  • Investigator Meetings, Town Halls, Advisory Boards, Symposiums, Congress etc 
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Audience Insights
  • Strategy & Consultancy
  • Programme Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Ticketing


  • Market Research
  • Real Time Audience Insights
  • Brand Intelligence
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Market Research & Consulting
  • Detailed Reporting & Recommendations
  • Tailored Solutions

We know technology, we know audience engagement, we know events

We aim is to build long-term partnerships with our clients, and currently have a 96% retention rate, which we consider to be a sign of our success in this area. We wish to engage, inspire and inform your audiences through dynamic interactive event experiences, and our expert team will work with you throughout the development and deliver process. We deliver to a high standard and understand the impact that great delivery can bring to an event.


Every event is unique. That’s why  we believe strongly in working with  our clients in a collaborative and  open way to discover their needs to overcome challenges and ‘solve the pain points ’ of their events.

Full-Service Support

We support our clients  throughout their engagement  journey. From proposal and event design,  pre and post event communications, agenda creation, speaker onboarding and rehearsals, asset development. Full technical support  and event management and onsite delivery, to post-event reporting and analysis.

Project Management

No matter the size of the project, you’ll receive project management/technical support, and we’ll attend client conference calls, and deliver what you or your clients  need throughout the event process.

Flexibility & Innovation

Our adaptable approach  combines different solutions to  get the most out of any style of  event and be responsive to client needs. We are in control of  and fund our own development.

Onsite Delivery

Our team are experts in onsite delivery, working with AV  teams and managing any final  changes, even in real-time.

Multilingual Communication  

Our multilingual features allow  you to engage any audience,  from hosted materials to Q&As  with instant translation for the  faculty and to the main screen.

Client-Led Development

OpenMeet has been developed in response to real client needs. All of the features, from  booking systems to feedback forms, have been built with a purpose.

Global Access

Our online engagement  platforms work on any internet  enabled device, without the need  to download an app. We can  also source tablets worldwide to  support our offline solutions.


Ion the rare occasion you need a new engagement feature, and we don’t have it, if we can we’ll tailor-make to order. 

Robust Systems

We regularly deliver multiple  meetings simultaneously  and have systems and  processes set up to ensure  consistent high-quality service. We receive the highest ratings for quality, consistency and security.

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