Global Pharmaceutical Virtual Briefings

Creating 2 Music Videos


A global pharmaceutical company wanted to run monthly virtual briefings for their employees in Europe and RoW, to share company news, new products, and the challenges of working during and post-COVID-19 lockdown. The leadership team wanted to do something new and different during these meetings, that would be inspirational and fun, would brighten employees’ spirits, and would increase their sense of community despite the virtual setting.


  • To generate ideas for the client on ways to make their virtual briefings fun, creative and inspirational and bring employees together
  • To create a music video featuring the client leadership team (around 10 people)
  • To create a music video featuring the Europe and RoW employees (around 350 people) and build a website to support their video submissions
  • To deliver a series of virtual conferences and engage the delegates using our technology
  • To run technical rehearsals, brief speakers, assist delegates and provide continued technical support






  • The client loved our idea of creating 2 music videos to be played at consecutive briefings – the first featuring the leadership team, and the second featuring the Europe and RoW employees
  • We worked with the client to develop this idea further, e.g. steering them away from having voices recorded as this would reduce the number of submissions
  • We worked with the leadership team directly to get their video submissions, and our technical team edited their videos into the first music video
  • This music video was played at the end of the first briefing as a surprise for employees, who were delighted and enthusiastic about creating their own version
  • We then built a website to allow the c.350 employees to make their video submissions, before our technical team edited them into the second music video. This was played at the second briefing
  • We hosted full technical rehearsals and delegate ‘drop-in’ sessions before each virtual briefing, as well as technical support throughout
  • The briefings were run using Zoom, with interactivity through our Open Audience Engage platform e.g. the agenda, live polling and Q&A sessions


  • 2 music videos created – the first for the leadership team (c.10 people) and the second for employees (c.350 people)
  • Music videos extremely well-received, with very positive reactions from everyone involved
  • In addition to the music videos we ran the virtual briefing sessions at which they were played
  • The client commented on the uniqueness of the online experience we had created for them, and said that the videos felt authentic because they the employees and leadership team were at the centre of them
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