We help you make better decisions.

Successful companies make the right calls, time after time.

Their competitive edge is in having better, smarter, more directional information right at their fingertips. Information which makes a difference.

We work with global pharmaceutical and other life science companies, to help them understand their delegates better and create enhanced event experiences.


Data Collection & Analysis

We help you understand what your audience really thinks, how they engage with your event and what content resonates most strongly with them.


Brand Intelligence

With major investment in events, exhibitions, conferences and congresses, its critical to understand what your audience thinks and the experiences they've had. Our team of experts use the latest research techniques to help you understand how your brand has been perceived, giving you valuable reports and insight.


Research & Consulting

Our research team has 20 years of experience and has conducted over 600 surveys for a multitude of global brands. We are experts at designing research programmes which help you thoroughly understand your customers and competitors.

Case Studies


Our experienced team will guide you through all our features according to your needs.

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