Turn passive delegates into active participants.

Our powerful audience engagement platform, which is trusted by some of the world's
most successful companies, will change the way you run meetings forever
– whether they are physical or virtual.

With Open Audience you can customise the look of our technology to suit your business. Shape agendas, capture data and insights in real time and give your delegates
the voice they deserve.

Key Features


Works via public WiFi, closed loop WiFi and via a browser.


Works in LAN or WAN environments where there is no internet.


Works via a dedicated API for deeper client engagement.

Secure & Encrypted

Keep delegate data secure, manage user permissions and comply with data privacy rules.

Case Studies


Polls & Surveys

We make meetings more engaging by creating polls and surveys in real time which can be viewed on any device. Insights are shared on the big screen allowing the speaker to get an instant view of your delegates opinions.

You can choose poll types and create new polls incredibly easily and even run polls and surveys in different rooms at the same time.



Our powerful language feature allows you to engage with your audience in multiple languages, serving the right content to the right person in the right language at the right time.


Photos & Videos

User-generated content maximises engagement at events. Our platform allows delegates to create and share videos and photos throughout the event.


Dynamic Event Flow

Meetings often don't go as planned, things change. Our dynamic event flow mode allows you to change event content 'on the fly' as the meeting develops, ensuring you are completely in sync with your audience.


Audience Insights

View your event data through our bespoke dashboards in real-time or post-event.

Learn which questions really resonated with your audience, understand who your most active contributors were and share post-event insight via either a CSV file or an event infographic.



Our platform is incredibly flexible and we can tailor it to look like your own. You can change colours, set page backgrounds and add your own logos and fonts, so that there is a seamless connection between what people are viewing on their iPad or own device and what is on the big screen.


Our experienced team will guide you through all our features according to your needs.

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