We harness the power
of audience engagement

We are an audience engagement consultancy, delivering interactive technology solutions for hybrid, virtual and live events.

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– Leslie Robertson, CEO & Founder

Our aim is to make meetings better

We have been using dynamic technology solutions and audience engagement expertise to deliver interactive experiences for events and digital communications since 2015. Our aim is to make meetings better, and our focus is to turn passive delegates into active participants by giving them a voice.

Dynamic, engaging event experiences using interactive technology

We deliver value by creating dynamic, interactive experiences which can lead to behavioural change, memorable interactions, measurable outcomes and a return on engagement.

We design agendas, present content, manage communication flow, facilitate two-way dialogues, promote robust debate, showcase specialisations, support voting and polling, promote knowledge, live-stream nationally and globally, manage language support in 40+languages, share insights, measure, analyse and present feedback.

Your trusted
technology partners

We’re a creative technology company that focuses on maximising audience engagement across live and virtual global events. We pride ourselves on being trusted technology partners, so you can benefit from our experience, specialisation, flexibility and responsiveness.

We’ll help you navigate the uncertainty and challenges associated with connecting  global audiences, and our talented team will deliver the right technology solutions for your brief, helping you to achieve memorable outcomes for all types of meetings.

Explore our Products & Services

We offer a wide range of innovative products and services that can deliver a solution that suits your brief and your budget and will help you achieve your objectives.


We’re people people, so we put the delegate experience at the heart of everything we do. No matter where in the world your delegates are joining us from, or what language they speak, they’ll enjoy a user-friendly interaction with our best-in-class technology platforms from the first communication to event delivery.


We can improve audience engagement, before, during and after your event with our exceptional engagement tools. By improving agenda design, enhancing content management and elevating communication flow we can maximise interaction from the very first touchpoint, and for all the important milestones throughout your event experience.


We  give your audience a voice, allowing them share their input, express their concerns and offer insights and experiences. We collect this valuable collation of information through our analytics systems and can provide you with  real-time data and feedback throughout your delegate’s journey.

working to the
highest standards

We consistently work to the highest standards, adhering to all GDPR guidelines, and all relevant ISO processes.  Our operational teams work to tried and tested processes, which are constantly reviewed, so you can feel confident you are in safe hands.

Creating the
heart of an
engaging event

Good agenda design, information flow and effective content management are at the heart of every engaging event.  Our systems will help you gather and manage insights and data, identify trends, brainstorm solutions and make informed decisions.

Direct clients
white label

We pride ourselves on being trusted technology partners with a flexible, responsive approach and positive attitude.  We are able to blend into existing teams and work seamlessly to achieve the positive outcomes you require  – with direct clients or as a white white label partner.

What our clients think
of Open Audience

We can talk about how brilliant we are until the cows come home, but the litmus test is what our clients think about how we have supported them.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, MBE

GP & Medical Broadcaster

Chris Cummins

Managing Director, Our Training Dept Ltd

Sarah Bryant

Director, Axiom Health

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