Investigator Meetings

Make your clinical investigator meeting stand out.

Every year, there are over 300,000 clinical trials and over 1.5 million investigator meetings. We use technology and our extensive experience to make your meeting more engaging and more measurable.

investigator meetings

The Meeting

We use our technology to gain a deeper relationship with the room and use polls, digital notes, voting, quizzes, radar charts and pre-loaded questions to assess understanding and familiarity with protocols.

Investigator meetings


Many of the people in the room may be from different countries. Our technology is available in any language, and we can specify that content appears on each delegate's device in their native language.

investigator meetings


We carry on the conversation after the meeting has ended and use before and after scores, audience insight, and NPS for engagement and value change in order to identify key actions and next steps in post-event discussions.

Investigator meetings

Full Service or Enterprise

From agenda design, to project management, to attending client meetings with you, we can fully build and run your meeting, including on-site administration and post-event reporting.
Or, we can train you to use our platform via your own custom API.


Our experienced team will guide you through all our features according to your needs.

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