Company Meetings

Using technology to make meetings
more engaging.

Open Audience is the interface between the moderator and the audience, allowing real-time feedback and engagement in any language at the click of a button.

Company Meetings

Fireside Chats

Use our technology to engage with the speaker in real-time. Gather audience insight, get best practice confirmation, agree hot topics, drive panel discussions and collect the ‘real questions’ from the audience.

Company Meetings

1-to-1 Engagement

Get real-time audience views, create bespoke quiz formats, upload materials and links and give access to websites. Send moderated questions direct to the host's iPad. Set up a private message channel between the faculty and moderators.

Company Meetings


Allow everyone to engage in the event no matter their language. Every delegate is given their own unique pin which allows us to serve the right content to the right people in their own mother tongue.

Company Meetings

Event Insights

Personalised dashboards give the real statistics from the event and allow before and after scores, NPS for engagement and value change, delegate feedback on the programme, and suggestions for improving future events.


Our experienced team will guide you through all our features according to your needs.

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