Virtual Resilience Workshop

Advising HCPs in Eastern Europe


A major pharmaceutical company approached us at short notice to run a virtual workshop on resilience for HCPs (plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic treatments specialists) based in Eastern Europe. It was hosted by professional moderator and globally recognised resilience expert Chris Cummins, and was one of a series of workshops designed to support customers of the client who are in lockdown due to COVID-19.


  • To set up and run a virtual workshop on resilience for close to 400 delegates with only 2 days’ notice
  • To advise the client on the best way to engage the delegates using our technology
  • To organise the meeting platforms, run technical rehearsals, and brief speakers
  • To enable multilingual support with instant translation as the majority of delegates had English as a second language






  • The agenda was reshaped by the client after we advised them on the most effective questions and types of polling for their content
  • We ran the meeting using Zoom (professional standard) as the conferencing tool and our Open Audience Engage platform for interactivity (polling and Q&A)
  • The virtual workshop was 90 minutes long and was repeated in 2 identical sessions on the day, at 10am and 3pm, to give delegates more choice and to increase the time for questions
  • We held technical rehearsals for the speakers the day before the event, plus informal rehearsals open to all an hour before each session, to mitigate any issues
  • Delegates were invited via secure links and entry was controlled through registration and a waiting room
  • Delegates also had access to a wide range of materials hosted within Open Audience Engage, such as case studies and useful links


  • 396 participants in total – 203 in the morning session and 193 in the afternoon session
  • Slight overlap between the morning and afternoon sessions but most people only attended 1
  • About 75% of the delegates joined the engagement platform to ask questions and answer polls
  • Our feedback survey about the value of the workshop showed a high net promoter score of 56
  • Post-event report data showed that delegates from a wide range of countries were present, with Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia the most common – the majority had English as a second language, emphasising the importance of our multilingual features
  • Delegates had a wide range of job titles, with MD, Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon and Dentist most common – showing how broadly accessible and relevant the event was during this challenging time
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