Organisational Diagnostic

Global Research


A global pharmaceutical company hired us to seek insight and clarity regarding the value of a specific Medical Affairs role across the Asia Pacific Region. We were required to create and deliver a range of surveys and reports to address key issues within the organisation.


  • Create and deliver an online diagnostic survey to be taken through four levels of the organisation and across 12 countries
  • 2 parts of the survey: main version for job holders and an adapted version for leadership roles
  • Create a suite of personal, line manager and departmental reports with comparative scores
  • Aim to address issues: a lack of clarity, perceived under-performance and increasing role turnover
  • Ensure survey is accessible and relevant to a multicultural audience coming from 12 different countries, with varying leadership structures and significant differences in approach and role clarity






  • We created a unique online-hosted survey to meet the client’s needs and branded it to match the company branding
  • Survey was distributed by the company direct to all levels in the organisation
  • We created all communication materials and managed the flow of responses, including chasing non-responders
  • Branded and personalised reports
  • Created a virtual dashboard accessible with unique login details and provided relevant presentation slides
  • Used the insights gained from the data to provide an executive summary to the client


  • Data was presented at both leadership and team events
  • Insight resulted in creation of 3 development workshops focusing on capability, skills and knowledge development
  • 140 personalised reports generated
  • Increased understanding of job roles and skills lead to the client organisation seeing a downturn in turnover in the 6 months following our diagnostic analysis and recommendations
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