Managing Remote HCPs

Market Research


We were tasked to deliver market research from an annual medical conference for our client, a global pharmaceutical company. We worked in partnership with 12 HCPs who were contracted to attend sessions and complete tailored evaluation forms, which we created using our Open Audience Engage platform.


  • Gather accurate and reliable market research information about an annual medical conference in Brisbane, Australia on behalf of our client
  • Partner with the HCPs contracted to attend the conference by the client to ensure they understood their schedule and how to use the platform
  • Create virtual evaluation forms relevant to the conference that could store the HCPs’ responses
  • Manage HCPs’ activities from the other side of the world – ensure they attend the relevant sessions and gather all the necessary information






  • Created session-specific evaluation surveys that the HCPs would fill out within a browser-based version of our Open Audience Engage platform
  • Evaluation survey included a personal agenda with the sessions they needed to attend, a 14-question form for each session, and a survey for the end-of-day report
  • The platform also hosted various materials for further information and logistical assistance
  • The survey was designed to gain valuable information about session content, including abstracts: key messages, themes, data, and photos of important presentation slides where permitted
  • We directed the HCPs’ insight by asking specific questions such as ‘What was the discussion on X topic?’ and ‘Did they mention Y clinical trials and if so, what is their status?’
  • We committed to make contact with each of the HCPs 3 times per day: morning, to remind them of their schedule and confirm getting ready; early afternoon, to confirm their progress and check whether they had experienced any issues; and at the end of the day, to make sure that they had completed their sessions and given feedback
  • Changed schedules in real-time based upon HCPs’ responses, according to what would be most relevant and useful to our client


  • Data gathered was highly relevant to the client due to targeted questions and adaptable schedules
  • Our client was delighted with the insight; we will be providing the same service at upcoming events worldwide
  • We will be introducing multilingual features such as language-specific surveys according to the choice of each HCP respondent
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