Annual Scientific Meeting


ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society – is a relatively young society, founded in 2008 by a group of medical professionals, each united by a common interest in the expanding education, research and practice of hip arthroscopic surgery.

2018 saw the Society expand its outreach to include the interests of the wider Hip Preservation community, including; open hip surgeons, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists, radiologists, and rehabilitation professions.


  • Provide a seamless end to end full logistics service for international attendees and stakeholders
  • Administer first-class educational programme
  • Ensure financial profitability for the Society
  • Enhance the content capture from the event to enable the Society to leverage its scientific assets to support membership growth
  • Create a program format that was engaging and novel
  • Provide a platform that promoted learning, training, networking and sharing best practice
  • To gain insights on what members, attendees and exhibitors thought of the conference to enable findings to be used to help direct the growth of theSociety and format of future Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Improve engagement of the attendees within the scientific content of the Annual Meeting, enabling them to become active participants






  • Provided full-service core PCO support for the conference, enabling a “joined up” approach across all aspects of the event
  • Supported the Programme Committee in developing an innovative programme, of a pre-day event that focused on basic research with parallel streams targeting special interest groups.
  • Help to develop an innovative program of keynote plenary sessions, high octane debates, hands on practical skills sessions, latest research sessions
  • Deployed technology platforms to enable greater audience engagement with polling, Q&A, consensus gathering
  • Creation of a Hub within the centre of the event which incorporated, commercial exhibits, eposter presentations, catering, practical skills stations, traditional posters
  • Programme design was theme based around 17 focus areas and included case discussion presentations as well as patient perspectives
  • Video captured conference sessions, digital eposters and video posters and abstracts
  • Provided onsite market research gathering as well as post event surveying
  • Integration of content within online learning platform


  • 685 attendees, increase from 480 in 2018
  • Attendees from 53 countries, increase from 35 in 2018
  • 426 abstract submissions, increase from 320 in 2018
  • 248 eposters, increase from 177 in 2018
  • 20 Team Poster Submissions
  • 45 hours of scientific learning capture
  • 180 invited faculty
  • 11 exhibitors and 13 sponsors
  • 52% attendance were non-members
  • 1100 questions captured
  • 21 face to face interviews conducted
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