Healthcare Not-for-Profit Virtual Meeting

Sharing Experiences of COVID-19


The Academy of Infection Management asked us to set up a virtual meeting at short notice to bring together international key opinion leaders for a discussion on COVID-19 infection control in Mexico. We voluntarily ran this meeting pro-bono.


  • To share international experience from countries 2-4 weeks ahead with COVID-19 cases
  • To help Mexican HCPs better prepare for the disease’s growth in Mexico
  • To bring together and prepare opinion leaders from 6 different countries: Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA
  • To enable greater engagement with a majority Spanish-speaking audience using Open Audience Engage’s multilingual features






  • We ran the meeting using Zoom (professional standard) and associated technology in a webinar format, so only the panellists were visible
  • Our technical team provided support and monitoring before and throughout the meeting, and we prepared the speakers with a pre-event rehearsal and technical setup
  • Delegates joined via a registration link that we created and branded, with background music playing
  • We used our Open Audience Engage platform for audience interactivity such as polls and Q&A, as well as hosting a detailed agenda and speaker biographies
  • The speakers were directed by the head of the Academy to ensure the most popular questions were answered (as voted on by the audience)
  • The meeting was concluded with an open Q&A session to cover any outstanding questions and to highlight key points


  • We received 45 questions, 80% of which were in Spanish – suggesting that ease of communication allowed a greater number of delegates to participate
  • Comprehensive agenda was universally well-received by the audience. The main topics covered were testing, staffing, medication/equipment and infection control
  • Polling the audience helped the speakers to shape their discussion and revealed delegates’ main concerns. Delegates ranked their biggest challenges as staffing capacity (72%) and infection control (63%)
  • Delegates found the meeting highly valuable – 100% said it was a good use of their time and 100% said they would recommend it to a colleague
  • A significant number of delegates shared the meeting link with colleagues post-event, demonstrating the value of the discussions
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