Healthcare Agency Exhibition

Facilitation & Technology


Our client asked us to facilitate and lead audience engagement at this event, in a unique and complex combination of onstage and behind-the-scenes presence. This was an exhibition bringing together healthcare-related agencies, both suppliers and buyers, and featuring a keynote speaker, a panel of experts for a Q&A, and numerous workshops.


  • Manage the onstage presence of the event – liaise with faculty and act as the host
  • Manage Q&A across the event
  • Run workshops that engage the delegates through features such as polls, questions and brainstorming sessions
  • Use our multilingual technology to enable delegates to participate in their native language
  • Be aware that the audience is a mixture of professionals from different fields (from venue representatives to corporate representatives) with varying levels of awareness about the unique needs of healthcare events
  • Ensure the meeting’s content is meaningful for a diverse audience






  • We created a structure to quiz the expert panel about what the keynote speaker had said, and used our technology to poll the audience about their opinions
  • We ran 8 workshops across the multiple-day event, with speakers using iPads to take questions and release polls to their audiences
  • On the final day we hosted a compliance quiz which recruited one person per table. The leaderboard feature and prizes motivated delegates to participate
  • Open Audience CEO Leslie Robertson acted as the host during the closing session, in a 1:1 discussion with the event owner about the event
  • We were involved in this event on multiple levels, from the flexible engagement technology, to the expert panel Q&A, to facilitating the closing session


  • 89% of delegates said they learned something new at this exhibition
  • The 275 delegates held 2875 1:1 meetings
  • Very positive response from delegates – apparent on the day and from survey responses
  • The detailed feedback survey received over 110 responses
  • The 8 workshops received very high scores; attendees felt they had definitely improved their knowledge of the requirements of healthcare events
  • Our technology allowed us to adapt the agenda to respond to the audience’s interests in real-time
  • 203 questions received, pre- and during the event
  • We took advantage of the large number of questions and shaped the opening and closing discussions around them, as well as the workshops
  • Data gathered will also contribute to planning for next year’s event
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