Global Trade Association Conference

Bespoke Product Development


A global trade association conference at which we provided technology in the form of the Open Audience Engage platform.

The client had already created an event app but needed us to provide polling and questions, while seamlessly integrating them with their existing branding and technology.

The client also requested that we create event-specific polls to allow them to forecast the price of precious metals in one year’s time.


  • Provide polling and questions through Open Audience Engage in a system that is complementary to rather than a distraction from their event app
  • Integrate the platform with their existing technology and branding
  • Develop a new poll type for this event that would enable the delegates to contribute and create forecasts for the future prices of precious metals
  • Gather information about audience members, their views and experiences to help shape future events
  • Improve delegate engagement through multiple options for interactivity
  • A system nimble enough to process answers quickly and make changes in real time while remaining accurate


United States




  • We developed the new ‘Numerical’ poll type to meet the client’s specifications
  • After our pre-event demonstration the client changed their agenda to include more of our engagement features, shifting the focus onto real-time communication that reflected the discussion in the room
  • Chair and other faculty members were given iPads so they could view and respond to questions coming in, post-moderation
  • We gave everyone a postcard with instructions to download the event app and ask questions through it, or visit the web link and ask questions there – providing two possible ways to access interactivity.
  • Gave delegates access to pre-event materials and polls as well as live
  • Released documents live during specific sessions
  • Fast-paced and fluid event meant that we worked closely in partnership with the onsite AV team to ensure polls on main screen were same style as those on other devices, and were clear and instantaneous
  • Our engagement team was onsite and able to deliver last minute changes, including creating and editing polls and other meeting features in real-time


  • 2-day event
  • 456 of 545 delegates logged in and completed a poll or asked a question
  • Day 1 polls received on average 180 votes
  • Day 2 polls received on average 118 votes
  • We received 88 questions from delegates
  • Set a new standard of real-time polling and created a new poll type that perfectly met the needs of the client; formatted with a specified currency and value range
  • A simpler and more effective method of interactivity than previous years resulting in greater engagement and higher quality questions
  • Positive reporting on the event by the financial press and specifically the polling and their results
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