Global Pharmaceutical Virtual Workshop

From Physical to Virtual


A major pharmaceutical company had planned to hold a 2-day event in Spain but faced challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. We consulted them and created an engagement plan that involved postponing the event until later in the year, as well as hosting an entirely virtual set of workshops over 1 day in the short-term.


  • Address logistical challenges resulting from COVID-19
  • Maintain a sense of momentum for the postponed event
  • Transition content from a physical to a virtual format
  • Run a virtual 1-day set of facilitated workshops, split into 90-minute time chunks
  • Create a new coaching model for client company employees






  • We delivered the event using a combination of Zoom (professional standard) and our Open Audience Engage technology
  • The virtual meeting used engagement features such as polls, Q&A and surveys to gather attendees’ views
  • We held a range-finding call prior to the workshop day, to bring together the different teams’ line managers and discuss the agenda
  • We used our engagement technology to gain greater understanding of the senior leaders’ opinions and the key challenges facing their teams
  • Valuable feedback from managers let us shape the content of the creative workshop agenda, in order to create a new coaching framework in real-time
  • We prepared the faculty and other delivery team members to be successful in a virtual environment, setting up their technology, custom backgrounds, and briefing them on virtual meeting etiquette
  • We hosted a Zoom call the day prior to the official meeting and invited delegates and speakers alike to join to test their equipment in preparation, and get support from our engagement team


  • One of the workshops was run in Spanish, with instantaneous translation for the English-speaking Chair. This flexibility allowed delegates to post questions and ideas in their first languages and work more productively
  • 90-minute session format was well-received as it allowed significant participation while accommodating breaks. It meant the agenda could be broken up into themes and discussions could progress more effectively
  • Interactivity through Open Audience Engage meant that delegate views and opinions were heard, using a range of features, from temperature checks, to conditional polling, to brainstorming ideas
  • Materials and links were hosted on the Open Audience Engage platform for easy access and discussion
  • The solution we devised for the client meant they could maintain contact with and provide value to their delegates despite challenging circumstances
  • Facilitated workshops engaged the audience despite necessary remote working
  • Client was pleased to have been able to maintain momentum for the postponed event and they are interested in incorporating additional virtual workshops and other elements into future agendas – a new hybrid model of physical and virtual events
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