Dentistry Conference

Extending the Delegate Journey


Our client asked us to provide basic Q&A and polling to supplement existing AV onsite for an upcoming dentistry conference. A history of failures with commercially available polling technologies meant that they were looking for an alternative solution which would be robust and increase confidence of success.

Our ability to be part of their event process from beginning to end was very important to them. The event was reshaped using the Open Audience Engage platform to create an engagement journey, rather than minimal low-risk interaction. The opportunity of pre-event and post-event engagement and the flexible power of our platform changed the client’s initially simple brief to be far more complex and ambitious.


  • Ensure audience’s early adoption of using own devices to access interactivity – comfortable with printed materials and keypads but new to this kind of engagement
  • Provide a demonstration to create familiarity with the technology
  • Engage the audience and provide a more interesting conference experience
  • Restore the client’s confidence in audience engagement technology
  • Process manage panel discussions through the technology
  • Adapt to onsite situations and use the technology flexibly to affect the shape of events e.g. Chair given ability to select specific questions at certain times for discussion


United Kingdom




  • A branded platform that was seamlessly integrated with the event branding
  • A system that worked pre-, during and post-event and was suitable for real-time changes due to the fluidity of the event
  • Onsite technology engagement team able to cope with a degree of ambiguity prior to the event and able to deliver results onsite, responding to any real-time changes
  • iPads provided for the faculty so they could view and moderate incoming questions
  • Photos tool allowed delegates to take photos and upload them to the platform – highly praised icebreaking technique
  • Detailed explanations from the faculty about how to use the technology and access the meeting via personal devices
  • One event link, used in multiple ways and clearly displayed throughout the venue and on presentation slides
  • The event link was used pre-event to gather information about delegate what delegates saw as key challenges
  • The event link was used during the event to host polls, submit questions and display photos
  • The event link was used post-event to display materials, session summaries, and the event photos
  • Reprioritisation of content on the day agreed by client and faculty based early poll responses, and new polls were created in real-time


  • A very high percentage of the delegates were engaged and taking part – we received a very enthusiastic response from the audience
  • The client was given renewed confidence in audience engagement technology after working with us for the first time
  • The quality of insight and level of engagement from delegates delighted the client and we have already agreed to deliver additional events
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