Open Audience partners with Proximie to deliver interactive surgery series virtual events platforms

Open Audience Partners with Proximie to Deliver Interactive Surgery Series

“To Virtual and Beyond!”

Open Audience and Proximie are delighted to be working in partnership delivering a series of highly interactive surgical collaborations around the globe.

Proximie has created a secure, complete software solution which expands surgical collaboration, enabling surgeons to share expertise using augmented reality tools before, during and after surgery. It will be supplemented by a highly interactive and bespoke Open Audience Engage interactivity platform and Open Audience’s high quality virtual event production.

By connecting clinical experts remotely, we are pushing the boundaries of time and distance for real and impactful scaling of surgical knowledge, and engaging the faculty and participants in new and innovative ways. Combining smart technologies, outstanding engagement solutions and a brilliant team, we are challenging the meaning of the ‘Art of the possible’ at all times.

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