OpenTube is a new interactive technology platform to create and curate digital content for a more engaging audience experience

Open Audience announced its global partnership with award-winning Smart Video Software creator, LUMA1 to introduce OpenTube, a new interactive platform designed to enable content companies to create high-intent, eye-catching, and immersive digital content.

CEO and Founder of Open Audience, Leslie Robertson said: “We believe trends will be leaning toward building a better relationship with audiences through the creation of immersive experiences. Luma1 is the perfect partner to collaborate with on OpenTube. They have created a very dynamic, reliable and secure platform, exactly what we needed to combine with our own audience engagement expertise to create OpenTube.”

LUMA1 CEO, John Hudson said about the partnership: “I’m excited to partner with Open Audience and take our LUMA1 platform into the Life Sciences industry and beyond. They are experts at connecting and engaging audiences through events and digital communications. OpenTube will bring together their experience and our software to help organisations transform their assets into fuel for engaging audiences.”

OpenTube is an interactive video platform that presents and shares video content. It is a global solution and offers a fully customisable interface and a range of measurement tools. It can present exciting and engaging interactive programmes using new or re-purposed video content. It’s infinitely adaptable and accessible to all types of digital audience, with global reach, and instant translation in over 40 languages.

  • Product Features:
  • Media integration
  • Embed downloadable content
  • Navigation menu
  • Instantly translate in 40+ languages (audio & text)
  • Passcode access for creating personalised learning journeys
  • Timed & sequenced
  • Integrated navigation
  • Custom branding
  • Surveys & polls
  • Drag & drop
  • Touch responsive in-video hot spots
  • Audio & video feedback
  • Can connect to learning eco-system

Open Audience offers a project management team to assist with the development and storyboarding of interactive digital assets. The company also provides a range of services, including scripting, video editing, green-screen recording, templates, avatars, and 3D environments, depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the creator.

  • OpenTube is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, including:
  • For data capture
  • Launching new products
  • Training
  • Re-sharing event footage with added bios and external links
  • New employee onboarding
  • Lead generation
  • Professional learning
  • Company announcements
  • Exhibition interactive kiosks

We deliver value by creating dynamic, interactive experiences which can lead to behavioural change, memorable interactions, measurable outcomes and a return on engagement.

We design agendas, present content, manage communication flow, facilitate two-way dialogues, promote robust debate, showcase specialisations, support voting and polling, promote knowledge, live-stream nationally and globally, manage language support in 40+languages, share insights, measure, analyse and present feedback.

Please contact us for a personalised demo of OpenTube.

LUMA1 is a business focused on giving you the power to create Smart Video. With offices in London, Montreal, Ottawa and Santa Monica, the Luma1 goal is to make learning and communications more effective by engaging and widening audiences, saving time making and consuming content and improving feedback.

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