New interactive technology platform to create and curate digital content for a more engaging audience experience 

We are excited to announce the introduction of OpenTube, our new interactive platform designed to enable companies to create high-intent, eye-catching, and immersive digital content. 

With marketing budgets for 2023 under scrutiny, and 83% of companies planning to increase their content production budget this year¹, OpenTube provides a timely solution for turning existing assets into engaging digital content. 

The platform combines existing and new video, photos, graphics, and digital links with interactive elements to create an immersive experience for the audience that can be viewed on any device and embedded into a website, landing page, or email system. OpenTube allows companies to securely repurpose any digital asset, including video footage and product videos, into an engaging experience for the audience. 

“In 2023 companies need to get more creative to stretch budgets, add more value from what they already have and improve audience engagement.  OpenTube will be a lifeline for those looking to immerse their audience in their brand, be remembered and have customers looking forward to the next exciting piece of communication – whether that’s a quarterly update from the CEO, an onboarding from HR or a new product launch.”  Leslie Robertson,  CEO & Founder – Open Audience.

Why create an immersive experience using interactive and dynamic content? 

  • Increase immersion in a subject or story, leading to a deeper understanding and connection with the content. 
  • Facilitate learning by allowing users to interact with and explore the content in a more hands-on way – increasing engagement, learning and content retention. 
  • Immersive content can be more effective at capturing and holding the attention of users, especially in a world where people are bombarded with a constant stream of information. 
  • Create a more memorable, personalised and impactful experience for users for simple or complex subjects. 
  • Effective way to gather feedback and insights from users and a useful tool for marketing, HR, and storytelling. 

Leslie says: “Create a video, build a landing page or perhaps a memorable animation and blend in with the crowd or you could also add personalised, interactive and gamification elements to your ‘everyday’ content that fuels customer experiences.

Because we are all wired differently, we understand that individual users of any age have their own learning styles – some may prefer a long-form read like a blog, others may prefer to navigate at speed through content and consume in short bites. But we know one thing for sure – one size does not fit all and that time is an extremely precious commodity.”

Open Audience offers project managers to assist with the development and storyboarding of interactive digital assets. The company also provides a range of services, including scripting, video editing, green-screen recording, templates, avatars, and 3D environments, depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the creator.

OpenTube is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • For data capture
  • Launching new products
  • Training
  • Re-sharing event footage with added bios and external links
  • New employee onboarding
  • Lead generation
  • Professional learning
  • Company announcements
  • Exhibition interactive kiosks

OpenTube’s interactive video asset can be accessed from a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, allowing new employees (whether they are working remotely or in the office) to receive a personalised access code to a fully branded experience. This interactive asset can introduce employees to the organisation through, for example a personalised welcome message from the CEO, an overview of the company structure, a virtual office tour, a training quiz, and an employee handbook. All of these elements are trackable through OpenTube’s analytics dashboard.

¹ NP Digital Spending 2023 Study of over 8,000 marketers, released 15 December 2022.

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