Facilitated Workshop – Medical Affairs Conference in Japan

75 delegates, 30 polls and 26 questions. More questions received in Japanese than English.


Presentation with polls and questions to be delivered in both Japanese and English.

Audience Challenge

Multilingual audience with unknown level of spoken or written English comprehension. Passive ‘culture’ – natural reserve reducing engagement.

High-profile event, life science companies present.


Deliver a presentation format where we can collect audience insight to support a structured agenda with 30 different polls.

Receive and moderate questions in both Japanese and English. Release poll results in real-time.

Engage with the audience at the end or post-event with a follow-up evaluation form in Japanese/English.

Understand the true motivations of delegates regarding the topic discussed.

Create event-specific URL and branding.


Work in advance with meeting facilitator to structure the agenda and build bilingual polls.

OpenMeet – audience views, checking understanding, question collection, provide links to materials and access to websites.

Show results to personal devices and main screen. Chair received questions auto-translated into English from Japanese.


Before and after word clouds, audience insight delivered through polls, NPS for both engagement and relevance.

Delegate feedback on programme, and suggestions for improving future events. More questions received in Japanese, and simultaneously translated into English, than in English alone.

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