Advisory Board


Global life science company. Need to change the way advisory boards are run to allow data collection across all delegates, instead of focusing on a small number of influential participants.

Data recording and capture of discussion and opinions.

Audience Challenge

From previous experience, a small number of participants significantly influence the opinions of others.

Ensure opinions are captured from all participants, and that knowledge transfer is balanced, without bias and personal views are not unduly influenced by others.


Audience insight, collaboration, testing, and checking awareness and understanding of new approaches.

Capture knowledge, opinion and data for analysis post-event.

Technology should be nimble and support team should be able to react in real-time to changes required by the Advisory Board facilitators.


We worked with the organiser to shape the right questions and establish a framework where there was a process to create and release alternative polls which were dependant on answers and opinions offered by the board.

Each delegate was given an iPad as a tool for data capture and opinion sharing. Through facilitation each delegate added their initial opinion prior to discussion. All opinions were there then shared with the board. As the discussion progressed the facilitator reacted in real-time with the OpenMeet team to create new polls.


Client given a post-event report with comprehensive notes, views and opinions. As a result of automating data capture, the group worked faster and covered more topics.

The Client believed that the collective responses were more valuable than previous advisory boards where there had been a few dominant and influential participants.

Through the use of technology, the facilitator was able to react in real-time to ‘everyone’s’ opinions, then seek additional clarification.

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