3-Day Global Asset Management Conference

250 delegates from around
the globe, submitting questions in 8 languages.


To provide a multilingual engagement platform for a 3-day global asset management conference held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Show slides and data, and support insight transfer, networking and personalised agendas. Collect questions in any language and moderate prior to sharing with the Chairs.

Audience Challenge

250 delegates working in asset management from around the world. Active in different asset classes and working across different levels within their organisations. A wide range of experiences and knowledge about different asset classes and global markets.


Engage with delegates beforehand to understand their attitudes, opinions and expectations towards the content and the event in general.

Collect detailed audience insight during the event, including attitudes towards different scenarios and investment options.

Allow delegates to choose workshops and provide questions for panel discussions.

Receive and process questions in any language and provide in instant translation in German to moderators.

Create evaluation forms for each session and the event as a whole, to collect insight, learning and feedback.


Primary delivery language in German. Creation of branded and event-specific software both pre-event on OpenMeet and in-event on individual delegate iPads.

Speaker-specific polls, virtual note taking, question collection, and provision of links to in-event materials and personalised agendas.

Moderated questions direct to Chair iPad. Private message channel between Chair and moderator.


Pre-event engagement insight shaped the final agenda.

During discussions, before and after scores were taken to assess understanding, speaker feedback, NPS for engagement and value change.

Collected delegate feedback on programme, and suggestions for improving future events.

Panel discussions influenced heavily by delegate questions collected through our engagement platforms.

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