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Nice to see you, but not too often: Why we love and hate in-person meetings

We had a team meeting in Blackpool a month or so ago. That might not sound particularly noteworthy or glamorous, but we are a virtual technology company, and we’ve been through COVID, so our whole team hadn’t been together for some time. So, we loved the idea of getting together for an Open Audience live […]

Are we facing an events emergency, and how do we deal with it?

According to data from events agency Freeman, event attendance is sitting this year at around 65% compared with 2019 numbers. The fact is that, just as the world is starting to pay attention to the climate emergency, on the meetings side, we all need to pay attention to what might be dubbed “the events emergency”, […]

Understanding the delegate journey: Why hybrid events matter

Enhancing the delegate journey in a hybrid event: 1. Adapt your strategies: improve engagement through translation. 2. Question what’s right: What’s the profile of these delegates from different parts of the world?, Why would they come to a live event?, What might stop them from coming? What can we do to still reach out and engage them more effectively, make it meaningful and impactful for them, and potentially bring in current and future membership fees?

Small gatherings: Bringing live interaction to hybrid and virtual meetings through hubs

Virtual conferences reduce financial and travel barriers that are inherent to in-person conferences, opening up knowledge-sharing to participants that don’t have the resources to travel to major conferences. However, survey results found many respondents found virtual networking to be contrived and inauthentic. One way this can and has been addressed is through local networking sites or hubs.

Breaking Down Access to Knowledge Barriers through Virtual Conferences

Virtual meetings have provided a lifeline during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also have a number of additional benefits, which can and should be part of the future of all conferences and symposia. Leveraging virtual helps bring down knowledge barriers based around cost, gender, career stage and geographic location.

Tips and Tricks for Running a Successful Virtual Event

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to consider when running a virtual meeting which include understanding why it is crucial to rehearse beforehand, knowing the right set-up when using a platform that you are unfamiliar with, and keeping up to date with updates.

Virtual Stress: Why Online Meetings are More Complex Than You Realise

Running a virtual meeting is not as easy as it might seem. Meeting organisers need to be able to coordinate the speakers, manage the flow of the meeting, and deal with technology that may be unfamiliar to them. They often feel pressured by colleagues to deliver high-quality sessions despite lacking the necessary experience.

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